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February 04, 2015

B&G Foods Announces Tax Treatment of Common Stock Dividends Paid in 2014

PARSIPPANY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 4, 2015-- B&G Foods, Inc. (NYSE:BGS) today explained the tax treatment for dividends paid in 2014 on the Company’s common stock. Holders are urged to check their 2014 tax statements received from brokerage firms in order to ensure that the cash distribution information reported on such statements conforms to the information reported herein.

Additional information concerning the tax treatment of dividends paid in 2014 is posted to the Investor Relations section of B&G Foods’ website,, under the heading “Investor FAQ.” Holders are also urged to consult their own tax advisors to determine their individual tax treatment.

In 2014, B&G Foods distributed $1.3500 per share of common stock (CUSIP # 05508R 10 6). Based on U.S. federal income tax laws, B&G Foods has determined that of such distributions, approximately 33.400% (or $0.450903 per share) will be treated as a taxable dividend and approximately 66.600% (or $0.899097 per share) will be treated as a return of capital. Generally, the portion of the distribution on the common stock that is treated as a return of capital should reduce the tax basis in the shares of common stock up to a holder’s adjusted basis in the common stock, with any excess treated as capital gains.

The table below summarizes the tax treatment for dividends paid in 2014 on the Company’s common stock.








Total Per Share


2014 Taxable


2014 Return of

10/15/2013     12/31/2013     1/30/2014     $0.3300     $0.110220     $0.219780
2/24/2014     3/31/2014     4/30/2014     $0.3400     $0.113561     $0.226439
5/20/2014     6/30/2014     7/30/2014     $0.3400     $0.113561     $0.226439
7/24/2014     9/30/2014     10/30/2014     $0.3400     $0.113561     $0.226439
2014 Totals     $1.3500     $0.450903     $0.899097

About B&G Foods, Inc.

B&G Foods and its subsidiaries manufacture, sell and distribute a diversified portfolio of high-quality, branded shelf-stable foods across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Based in Parsippany, New Jersey, B&G Foods’ products are marketed under many recognized brands, including Ac’cent, B&G, B&M, Baker’s Joy, Bear Creek Country Kitchens, Brer Rabbit, Canoleo, Cary’s, Cream of Rice, Cream of Wheat, Devonsheer, Don Pepino, Emeril’s, Grandma’s Molasses, JJ Flats, Joan of Arc, Las Palmas, MacDonald’s, Maple Grove Farms, Molly McButter, Mrs. Dash, New York Flatbreads, New York Style, Old London, Original Tings, Ortega, Pirate’s Booty, Polaner, Red Devil, Regina, Rickland Orchards, Sa-són, Sclafani, Smart Puffs, Spring Tree, Sugar Twin, Trappey’s, TrueNorth, Underwood, Vermont Maid and Wright’s. B&G Foods also sells and distributes two branded household products, Static Guard and Kleen Guard.

Source: B&G Foods, Inc.

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