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A spicy life is a happy life.

When you pick from Trappey's® line of pickled products, you're selecting a brand with over 100 years of experience. Trappey's is the pickled pepper expert!

Our unique cold-packed process ensures the freshness of peppers and the color-coded lids and labels make it easy for you to choose your favorite hot or mild pepper!

See for yourself—try Trappey's® peppers, available in a variety of types and flavors:

Jalapeno peppers (hot)
Peppers in vinegar (hot)
Dulcito peppers (mild)
Tempero peppers (mild)
Banana peppers (mild and hot)
Cherry peppers (mild and hot)
Cocktail okra (mild and hot)
Torrido peppers (hot)


Pour on the flavor of Trappey's® hot sauces.

Want to add some heat to your chili, salsa, steak or even scrambled eggs—try adding a splash of one of Trappey's pepper sauces.

Need a zing in your seafood? Bull Hot Sauce and Louisiana Hot Sauce get those fish jumpin'! Watch out! They're made from red jalapeno peppers!

If you can take the heat, get in the kitchen with Trappey's® peppers and sauces. You just might feel better for it!

To determine individual nutritional information, please check the label on the back of your product.

Not in your store? They'll ship to your door!

Click here to go directly to Trappey's on My Brands Inc..

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Toll-free: 1-888-281-6400

Did you know that peppers, both hot and mild, contain an ingredient that can actually make you feel better? It's called capsaicin, and it's a natural stimulant that causes the release of endorphins. (Endorphins are the body's natural painkiller, and can create a sense of well-being, increase the heart rate and speed up metabolism.) It's no wonder that peppers can actually be habit-forming!


Chili-Stuffed Potatoes

Tamale Pie   

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